Unsuccessful Chiari Surgeries - Possible Reasons and Treatment Options

Chiari malformation is a condition wherein the brain pushes back into the upper portion of the spinal canal. While some people may not experience any symptoms related to this condition, others may suffer from nausea, vision problems, headaches and tinnitus. Usually, surgery is the best option to alleviate the symptoms. One of the most commonly performed surgeries is decompression surgery, which involves removing a part of the skull to ease pressure on the brain. Typically, this surgery is quite effective; however, in some patients, it maybe unsuccessful.

Reasons for Unsuccessful Chiari Surgeries

According to neurosurgeons, there could be a number of reasons for failed Chiari surgeries. Typically, patients experience relief after the initial surgery, but the symptoms return within a short period of time. The reasons for failed or unsuccessful surgeries include:

Possible Treatment Options

If you have experienced a failed Chiari surgery, do not despair, as there are some treatment options that could alleviate the symptoms and ease pressure on your neck and brain.

Generally, patients will notice a reduction in their symptoms after a lumbar puncture or any of the other corrective treatment options. If pain remains an issue, it is best to opt for pain management to cope and deal with the pain. Some patients also find acupuncture to be extremely helpful in alleviating the symptoms of Arnold-Chiari malformation.