Arnold-Chiari - Lifestyle and Dietary Changes

People are born with Arnold-Chiari malformation. At birth, it is actually very difficult for a doctor to understand the extent of the problems that the child will face. Most problems reveal themselves as the child grows and develops. Depending on the degree of the malformation, some can have symptoms, while others will not. However, majority of the patients exhibit some kind of neurological problems due to Arnold-Chiari Syndrome. Despite the exceptions, all of the patients will have to incorporate substantial lifestyle and dietary changes.

Some of the lifestyle changes include the following:

Activities that Cause Neck Stress: Avoid any activity that causes stress to the neck. Hence, people (and kids) with Arnold-Chiari Syndrome should avoid activities, such as diving, basketball, roller coaster rides, backpacking and football. They also should avoid reading for extended periods of time with their heads bent or falling off to sleep on chairs. If you want to lift weights at the gym, do not exceed 15 lbs.

If you have been diagnosed with Arnold-Chiari malformation, you will have to be careful about your diet. Here are some dietary changes that you will have to incorporate into your life.